Longaberger Basket Liner

Longaberger basket liners are used with the traditional woven baskets made by this longstanding company. Longaberger has been dedicated to the art of fine basket making for three decades and collectors continue to add to their collections as time goes by. The history of Longaberger began with J.W. Longaberger and his wife. The couple began producing hand woven baskets and the later generations continued to the tradition.

Longaberger still remains a family owned business that produces some of the highest quality baskets in the nation. These baskets are made by talented artisans who sign and date each basket along with a stamp of the company name on the bottom. They are valuable baskets and collectors can keep them protected by using the basket liners.

A Longaberger basket liner is very important to protect the maple wood that is used to weave the basket. Food will no longer stain the woven baskets and the liners will add a sense of style and classic look to the baskets as well. These liners come in various checkered and striped patterns with classic colors. There are also festive liners for the holidays including Easter and Christmas. Longaberger baskets and liners are great for everyday use and for giving as gifts as well.