Longaberger Retired Baskets

Collectors of Longaberger baskets truly appreciate the Longaberger Retired Basket collections. These items are not produced by Longaberger any longer and are now classics of the signature woven basket making style of the company. The rarity adds to their overall value and makes any collection in the kitchen or home and classic and unique one.

A Longaberger Retired basket is one that speaks authenticity and originality for the person who owns it and for those who admire it. These baskets are all durable and handcrafted with care by talented artisans who want to continue the traditions of the Longaberger company. Each basket carries the stamp of the company name and is signed and dated by the artisan who created it. This makes the Longaberger Retired baskets and all other products of the company true works of art.

Not only does Longaberger produce stylish and beautifully handcrafted items for the home and kitchen, but it also carries a diverse collection of objects ranging from woven baskets to pottery to wrought iron decorative items. Finding a Longaberger Retired basket in their collection is a rewarding experience from the very start. They are so useful and reliable that basket owners may be able to pass down their collection to later generations.